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Signed prints available in the following image and edition sizes, printed on Lexjet Premium Archival Matte Paper:

18" x 12"10 available
24" x 16"7 available
30" x 20"2 available
36" x 24"1 available

The Print
My corgi pup, Pickles, is the most patient portrait subject. I absolutely love to photograph him. He’ll literally do anything for me, and if not for me, he’ll do it for a treat! My husband and I adopt our pets from a great organization, the Edisto Corgi Rescue. Since joining our family, Pickles got a cool-fun name to match his personality and has become my primary portrait subject. His perky ears, floppy tongue and willing disposition make him the perfect subject.

About The Photographer
Stacy is a retired Air Force photographer who currently is an author, educator, military consultant and founder of the Veterans Portrait Project, for which she’s photographed over 6,000 veterans.


Note: Artist signature will be on an archival sticker mounted to the back of the print.

Prints and framed prints will ship after August 31st, upon the closing of this Nikon Ambassador Print Sale.