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Signed prints available in the following image and edition sizes, printed on Lexjet Premium Archival Matte Paper:

18" x 12"10 available
24" x 16"7 available
30" x 20"2 available
36" x 24"1 available

The Print
One of my favorite pieces of advice that I’ve received as a photographer is this: “Don’t forget the drummer.” Early on in my career, I was backstage with a local band and the guitarist offered me this tip just before the show. He explained that photographers always forget the drummer. It makes sense: drummers are often the most difficult subjects in live music — dimly lit at the back of the stage, hidden by their instruments and often in constant motion. There are much easier subjects than drummers. But because of all these challenges, pulling off a great drummer photo can be one of the most rewarding images to make for a music photographer. Over the years, I’ve taken up this casual suggestion as a mantra of sorts. As a photographer, I now find myself chasing the subjects and moments that are elusive, difficult or passed over. For me, what "Don't forget the drummer" means is that in photography and in life, what challenges us can so often gives us greater value than what comes easily.

About The Photographer
Todd is a renowned music photographer known for concert photography and portraits of musicians. Noted for his ability to nail the rock star moments that happen on stage, his images blend commercial precision with the authenticity of live performance.


Note: Artist signature will be on an archival sticker mounted to the back of the print.

Prints and framed prints will ship after August 31st, upon the closing of this Nikon Ambassador Print Sale.