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All prints were printed on 02 July 2020 at the Versace Natural Light Photography Studio and were printed and signed by the artist.

Printed with an Epson 7570 printer using UltraChrome Pro 12 pigment inks on 100% cotton rag, lignin and acid free Epson Legacy Etching paper. Each image will also come with a copy of the story describing the journey to this create this image.

11" x 14"10 available
16" x 20"3 available
20" x 24"2 available
24" x 36"1 available

A special print (Print #2 of a three print limited edition Platinum print) is being offered for auction. For details contact Alicia Hansan alicia@nycsalt.org or vincent@versacephotography.com for further details.

Platinum Print Details:
- Printed on 14 July 2020
- 50/50 Platinum Palladium with 20 drops of contrast agent
- Printed on 30x40 Revere Platinum 310 weight paper
- Developed in Potassium Oxalate developer.

About The Photographer
Vincent is an internationally recognized pioneer in the art and science of digital photography. In addition to numerous books of his own. Vincent teaches workshops internationally in between shooting commercial and fine-art work.


Note: Signed prints and framed prints will ship after August 31st, upon the closing of this Nikon Ambassador Print Sale.